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When it comes to the outward appearance of your house, nothing affects it the way siding does. You want siding that fits your personal taste and lifestyle, yet at the same time enhances the architectural style of your home. Siding not only changes the face of your home; it can improve the look of the surrounding neighborhood as well. Siding also provides structural enhancement, additional insulation and protects your home from the elements. Siding installation is not a job that should be left to just anyone. With Brigham Construction you know you are putting the health and well-being of your home in the hands of a trusted expert.

Window and Door Replacement

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The windows in your home allow precious views of the world around you while doors are the cherished threshold for family and friends. Unfortunately, windows break, doors become worn, and the once welcoming appeal of both can leave your home looking in disarray. Besides aesthetic issues, not having your windows and doors in tip-top shape can leave your house vulnerable to intruders and cause rises in heating and cooling bills due to energy loss. We offer quality window and door replacement in stylish and economical options. Whether you are looking to enhance your home, become more energy efficient or are just wanting a change, upgrading your home in this manner is a wise investment.

Counter Tops

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Upgrading countertops is a quick and cost-effective way to give kitchens a facelift. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and that space should be as appealing and accessible as possible. The best part of upgrading the kitchen is that it has the highest return on investment – without draining your bank account. The counters are one of the first items noticed so it makes sense that they should be upgraded to be a reflection of your personal style. Counters should likewise be a functional area that can withstand years of delicious meals and gatherings. Our professionals can help you choose the perfect countertops to suit your tastes and lifestyle, leaving you to enjoy a worry-free installation and a gorgeous end result!

Substructure RepairsComposite Trusts, Structural Repair, Foundations

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For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. Therefore, it can be quite stressful when problems arise. One of the scariest problems homeowners face is substructure damage. Warning signs of foundation damage include the chimney or walls cracking, bowing, or leaning, sloping floors, windows and doors sticking, or the porch or deck pulling away from the home. Too many times we have to fix structural repairs that were made by inexperienced contractors, costing the homeowners unnecessary expense. We specialize in composite trusts as well as structural and foundation repair, and we take pride in providing quality work the first time around.

Tile Installation

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Installing tile flooring in your home can seem like an easy DIY project, but homeowners must be aware that it goes well beyond just picking a color and texture. Careful consideration must be given to the area in which the tile will be installed, such as whether it is a high traffic or high moisture area, and whether the chosen tile will withstand such conditions. The substrate must be properly cleaned and prepped for precise adherence and to avoid float, and the surface must be perfectly level for the tiles to lay properly. Measurements and cuts should be exact, and since tiles often vary in shades, they must be positioned for the hues to blend. Trained installers can take all of the guesswork out of the process, leaving you with a beautiful floor that you can be proud of.

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It goes without saying that floors take a beating day in and day out. From trudging over them in muddy shoes to pets sliding across them with their nails scratching the whole way, they take the worst of what life has to offer. Floors are built to withstand a lot, but after a while they start showing the scars of everyday living. Even new floor installations can fail due to inexperienced installers, leaving the homeowner with buckles, creaks and gapping, or tears in the carpet, vinyl or laminate. Left unattended, floor problems will continue to worsen and can even cause problems with the subfloor and concrete below. The condition of floors is one of the first impressions walking into a home, and keeping them in the best possible shape will help reduce costlier expenses in the future.

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Floor SystemsRadiant Floor Heating

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Radiant floor heating began with the ever-efficient Romans, who would have slaves fanning wood fires below raised marble floors to provide them constant heat. Today, radiant floors give us the same benefit – without the slaves of course. Who can resist the feeling of a toasty warm floor under the toes, especially when first getting out of bed or out of the shower? Radiant heat floor systems are not just a luxury for the affluent anymore, either. They are most cost-efficient when installed during a flooring remodel, but can also be installed by a professional with access to the underside of a floor through a basement or crawl space.

Finish Work

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Installing new cabinets, painting walls, and any additions to a home can make it beautiful, but proper finish work can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. The addition of ornamental work, molding and even baseboards can offset walls and floors and create wonderfully unique effects that will impress even the most discerning eye. Crown molding and inserts can give fireplaces, doors and windows an old-world appeal, or can freshen up an otherwise dull wall landscape. Quality craftsmanship is crucial in this detail work to ensure the even flow throughout not only the room but the house as a whole.

Drywall and Plastering

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It is a rare occasion that people give much thought to their walls until something happens to them. Usually, upgrades are made to floors, appliances, kitchens and baths, and walls are left alone with the exception perhaps of a change of color. However, walls give privacy from room to room, provide insulation and act as sound barriers. They are the skeleton that silently gives a home its soul. Drywall and plaster are the two primary components of inner walls, and both can suffer from dings, unintentional holes and the perils of growing old. Whether you have drywall or plastering needs, when our professionals leave nothing will be noticed but a perfectly finished room.


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Curbside appeal extends well beyond the front yard and landscaping. Driveways and sidewalks, porches and steps all mesh together to create the first impression of a house. If any of them show signs of wear, the entire appeal of the home suffers. Repairing or even upgrading them are one of the best investments in not only maintaining the integrity of the house but that of the surrounding neighborhood as well. We provide services ranging from simple crack repairs to installation of the increasingly popular stamped concrete driveways in a wide variety of designs and colors to suit your individual needs.

Foundation Repair and Replacement

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The entire structure of a home is supported by its foundation, which can break down over time due to changes in the surrounding soil, weathering and time. Foundation issues should be addressed as soon as possible, as the integrity of the entire home is at risk when the foundation falters. Homeowners should not attempt to fix these problems themselves because improper care can lead to much costlier expenses. A trained professional should be called in to examine the extent of the damage as well as pinpoint and correct the cause. Many times a foundation can be fixed in its trouble spots with steel straps, mortar or high-strength epoxy, saving the need for a disruptive and expensive full foundation replacement.