Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling Eugene Oregon

Remodeling a bathroom can be a rewarding experience if done correctly. Whether you need a few upgrades or a complete renovation, creating a beautiful bathroom takes thoughtful planning and a sensible budget. Consider these particular details to guide your remodeling plans.

Sinks and Faucets – Some people prefer to replace the sink altogether while others choose to install a new faucet to dress up their current one.

Tubs and Showers – It is important to hire a professional to handle any tub or shower installations.

Toilets – Many toilets can be upgraded by simply changing the toilet seat. If you do need a new toilet, be sure to have an expert install it for you.

Flooring – From tile, vinyl or laminate flooring, renovating a bathroom floor can make a big difference.

Walls – A new coat of paint can liven up a bathroom quickly.

Lighting – Changing out the lighting in a bathroom can add ambience or brightness immediately.

Storage – New shelving or cabinets provide valuable storage as well as decorate the bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling can be as small or large of a project as you wish. By hiring professionals to handle the major renovations, you will save time and money in the long run.

Kitchen Remodeling

Eugene Oregon Remodeling

Your kitchen is the center of your home. Shouldn’t it be as welcoming and accessible as possible?

Kitchen remodeling can be tricky; in addition to creating an aesthetically-pleasing space, you need to ensure that the end results are usable. Even if your kitchen isn’t typically packed with family members or guests, a bit of intelligent design planning goes a long way towards making it a place you’ll enjoy for years.

Even minor remodels can make huge differences, but you need to know how to enact changes in a constructive fashion. Put our decades of experience to the test by letting us know your needs and desires. We’ll apply our strong work ethic to problems like helping you get the most out of storage space, creating a more appetizing decor scheme or just opening up more room for relaxation.

At Brigham Construction, our goal isn’t just to transform your kitchen; we want to optimize it to accommodate your lifestyle. Whether you’re just looking to make a few minor cosmetic changes, or you want to implement a top-to-bottom overhaul that increases your home’s resale value, we’re on board and ready to assist. All you have to do is point us towards your domestic dreams, and we’ll ensure they become reality.